Our Approach to this Project

We believe this project requires a new, innovative approach to how we build. We believe that by empowering people to lead we can create a space that fosters community and reinvent the way development is done. The future will require a more equitable, sustainable, and collaborative model of development that puts people over property, and we can’t wait to work together to bring that model to life in Northeast Park Hill.

Our Hope for this Project

The Park Hill Golf Course project is a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to revitalize both the spirit and economy of Northeast Park Hill and to empower the community to decide what this renaissance should look like.

This project is not only located in the center of Denver, but it is also at the epicenter of serious issues facing communities across the country. This includes involuntary displacement, lack of access to open spaces, healthy foods, and reliable transportation and a lack of affordable housing and economic opportunity.

We believe that whatever development occurs on this property, it should be defined by the values and needs of the community. We believe that the people that surround this project are our most important asset and that we should work with communities to find a synergy between people and property.

It’s not the basketball court, the barbershop or the local eatery that people cherish. These places are merely the backdrops to the memories made there – it’s the people that make the place.

As owners of an important piece of property, we are builders, we are creators and we are conveners. It’s our job to build trust, create shared understanding and to facilitate conversations to discover where our shared priorities meet.

It’s not just our vision, but yours – and we can do better than a golf course. We believe taking the time to have a better, more inclusive process will result in a better outcome and a better future for the entire community. A future that involves true ownership for past, current and future families.

Our neighbors need a place to breathe, but they also need a place to eat, work, create, live, invest and play. Let’s work together to create a community where we can make memories and build a legacy of success for future generations.