Privately owned golf course
New public parks and housing?

The City of Denver’s draft recommendations for the future use of the Park Hill Golf Course in Northeast Denver have been informed by more than 18 months of extensive community engagement and feedback. This comprehensive, community-centered process has informed a vision for this site that can transform this vacant golf course into public parks accessible to all and much-needed housing.


Understanding Community Priorities

By a 10:1 margin, the surrounding community supports transforming this privately owned golf course into new public parks and housing. Additional community priorities that have been articulated during the comprehensive public process include:

  • Set aside 100 acres of public parks and green spaces (nearly 70% of total site).
  • Take a bold step forward in helping meet Denver’s housing affordability crisis and offsetting displacement.
  • Promote a vibrant and thriving community and support local and BIPOC-owned businesses.
  • Utilize best practices in land use, mobility solutions, and economic development.
  • Create healthy food and shopping options.

Urgently-Needed Housing Solutions

Meeting Denver’s affordable housing shortage requires bold steps. There are more than 50,000 people in Denver who qualify for affordable housing but cannot access it due to lack of supply. And, historically low vacancy rates are driving up rent and sale prices across every income sector, with low-income families hit the hardest. These include working families, seniors, students, single parents, teachers, frontline health workers, nonprofit employees, and so many more.

Public Parks & Open Space

After a comprehensive and inclusive process that began more than 18 months ago, the community has articulated a vision for transforming the water-intensive, privately-owned golf course into at least 100 acres of parks and open space. Proposed uses can include ballfields and courts, outdoor event space, destination playground, tot lots, picnic areas, trails and connectors, natural habitat, pollinator gardens, outdoor pool, botanic gardens, and other recreational needs. 


The City’s Process

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The City of Denver has released its draft recommendations for repurposing the golf course following extensive consultations with community leaders, residents, and business owners. The process will continue to be focused on the needs and opportunities for those who will be most directly affected by decisions on the Park Hill Golf Course. Members of the public will be able to continue to share their thoughts in multiple ways, and their input will inform every step of the process. Specifically, community engagement will involve work by the community steering committee and community navigators throughout the process, at least three events for the whole community with online alternatives for those not able to attend.  

This process is continuing under the City’s Large Development Review (LDR), which ensures the community’s vision is carried forward and codified in the planning and approval process. Click here to learn more about the LDR process.


Key Features in the Developer’s Application

The landowner, Westside Investment Partners, has submitted its application as part of the City’s Large Development Review (LDR) process. The application includes the following key features:

Parkhill Golf Course Concept Diagram
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  • Donate more than 100 acres (nearly 70% of the entire site) to the city for permanent public parks and open space, making this the 4th largest park in Denver.
  • Greatly exceeds the City’s new affordable housing targets for new development with hundreds of permanently affordable rental and for-sale homes.
  • Tastefully designed, mixed-use development that includes residential, retail, healthy food and shopping options, and a community center.
  • Transit-oriented development that creates safer travel modes for all users, and prioritizes people and experiences over cars.
  • Meets multiple City goals and plans for improved housing opportunity, affordable housing, health outcomes, equity, and economic development.
  • Requires City Council approval on multiple legally binding commitments between the developer and the City before moving to Denver voters for approval.

100+ Acres of Parks & Open Space

  • Considered the single most important request from residents.
  • The developer’s proposal and concept development plan includes 100 acres of parkland, integrated stormwater detention, and other parks and open space.
  • At more than 100 acres, this donated land could become Denver’s 4th largest park and 11th Regional Park.
  • This new public park would be significantly larger than Cheesman Park.

Affordable and Market-Rate Housing

  • Hundreds of for-sale and for-rent affordable (income-restricted) housing units.
  • Diversity of numerous housing opportunities, including missing middle, senior, family-sized, and permanent supportive housing.
  • Walkable neighborhoods concentrated along Colorado Boulevard.
  • Prioritizes housing near regional and mass transit options.
  • Programs that prioritize existing residents and minimize displacement.

Our Vision for This Site:

  • A walkable, retail-lined Main Street that can serve area residents.
  • Mixed-use density that supports a safe and healthy community, day and night.
  • Housing, retail, cultural offerings, and programs that integrate with and promote usage of more than 100 acres of new parkland and green spaces.
  • A market hall, with food and beverage, local retailers, and incubator businesses.
  • Community buildings with a range of uses, such as an Entrepreneur’s Center, a library, a recreation center, or town hall.


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