What’s Happening Now

Since purchasing the Park Hill Golf Course Property, Westside has continued to maintain the property and the clubhouse is still available for use to the neighborhood. To learn more about reserving the clubhouse click here .

After conversations with the surrounding community, we believe we can do better than a golf course. In fact, a 2017 community survey conducted by Clayton Early Learning found that 86% of people felt that something other than a golf course should be considered. Not to mention that maintaining 155 acres of golf grass requires:

  • Utilizing 106 million gallons of water when we have experienced drought the last 24 out of 25 years.
  • Applying 6,200 lbs of fertilizer and 1,600 lbs of pesticides and weed killer every year to maintain the grass.

A golf course also means that only those who can afford to pay can enjoy the space. We believe we can create a space for the entire community.

Some of the Events at the Clubhouse

You can learn more about using the clubhouse here.

The Future of the Park Hill Community

Throughout the past decades, like many communities across the country, the Northeast Park Hill Community has been faced with real challenges. These include rising home values and involuntary displacement, a lack of access to open space and healthy foods, and a scarcity of local jobs and economic investment.

We believe the Park Hill Golf Course property presents a unique opportunity to help address many of the community’s diverse needs and spark a renaissance in the Northeast Park Hill community – but we want the community to lead the way. In fact, a recent community survey done by the Greater Park Hill Neighborhood Association found that a majority of residents wanted to see 25 to 50% of the land developed.