Reimagining Park Hill Golf Course Together

A new model for equitable development in Denver

It has been just over a year since Westside purchased the Park Hill Golf Course from Clayton Early Learning. During that time, we have had hundreds of conversations with community organizations, businesses, and families. The number one thing we have heard in these conversations, is the desire for a neighborhood led redevelopment that incorporates parks and open space with necessities like a grocery store, affordable housing and an opportunity for those that live in the neighborhood to take part in the prosperity.

We could not agree more and would like to announce a new partner in our redevelopment of the golf course who joins us in this belief and will work to make it a reality – the Holleran Group. Holleran is owned by long-time Denver residents Norm Harris, Wayne Vaden, and Ty Hubbard. Westside and Holleran’s values align around a socially equitable approach to development that ensures the neighborhood is the loudest voice in the process.

As of this week, Holleran will join the ownership team re-envisioning the golf course. We believe Holleran being involved in the work and decision making as this project is designed and implemented will be a win for the project and ensure that benefits will be spread to diverse communities.

Holleran will be leading the efforts to ensure that the neighborhood has an active and impactful role in the future of the Park Hill Golf Course. They will also work with the community to come up with some creative ways to ensure that neighbors and those that were part of the community in the past can prosper in this new development.  This includes opportunities for homeownership, job creation, investment opportunities, and other innovative initiatives.

Holleran is a social enterprise group dedicated to empowering communities and balancing improvements in financial, social and environmental well-being.  You can learn more about Holleran at including how we first met.

Westside and Holleran began this partnership around the common goal of doing it better and doing more. Doing better than a golf course for the neighborhood and doing more for the families who have lived in this area for generations. We are building a new model for equitable development in Denver. We believe this model will not just be successful for the Park Hill Golf Course but create a path for other neighborhoods and developers to work together to design and build projects with a lasting, equitable, and positive impact.

Along with announcing a new community re-development partner, we also are launching our new website which lays out our joint hopes for the project along with our approach and commitments.

You can check out our new website and find helpful resources at

We believe the future will require a more equitable, sustainable, and collaborative model of development that puts people over property, and we cannot wait to work together with Holleran to bring that model to life in Northeast Park Hill.


Kenneth Ho
Westside Investment Partners

Stay Informed!

Our Community Information Meeting has been rescheduled to September 7. Please click below for more updates.