The Northeast Park Hill neighborhood has a long and rich history in the city of Denver. While every community has challenges, Northeast Park Hill is currently facing many serious issues that are plaguing communities across the country. These include limited access to open space and fresh foods, involuntary displacement, and a lack of affordable housing and economic investment. We believe the Park Hill Golf Course property provides a unique and once in a lifetime opportunity to address some of these challenges and revitalize the spirit and economy of the neighborhood.

How Big is 155 acres?

The sheer size and scale of this property makes it unique. The Park Hill Golf Course is 155 acres. That is large enough to fit 80 soccer fields, 1,009 basketball courts, 1,563 tennis courts or 44 baseball diamonds. This space can easily accommodate a large park as well as meet other needs like affordable housing and a grocery store.

As a comparison, other area parks range in size from Central Park in Stapleton at 76.1 acres to Cheesman Park at 80.8 acres and Del Mar Park at 39.9 acres. The images below overlay the golf course with these parks for a sense of scale of how large this property is.

Del Mar Park 39.9 Acres

Cheesman Park 76.1 Acres

Central Park 80 Acres

A Food Desert

Northeast Park Hill is in one of the few food deserts in the Denver Metro area. A food desert is defined as communities in urban areas that are more than 1 mile from a supermarket where they can access fresh, nutritious foods. 

Economic Reinvestment

We believe that whatever the redevelopment of The Park Hill Golf Course looks like, the community should share in the prosperity. Whether that’s utilizing local contractors and experts in the development process, increasing black home ownership or creating spaces for black owned business to thrive this property could provide countless opportunities for economic reinvestment.

In the neighborhoods surrounding the golf course:

  • 1/3 of jobs pay less than $33,000
  • Unemployment is 2.5% higher
  • Median incomes range from $33,000 to $76,000

A Transit Hub

The Park Hill Golf Course property is in an ideal location for access to public transportation. This increases access for residents to jobs and opportunities and helps the planet.

The property sits at the nexus of the 40th & Colorado A line stations, I-70 and high frequency bus route along Colorado Blvd and Bruce Randolph.
Areas within a half mile of transit are considered walkable.